What: Enterprise Applications will be upgrading our Confluence installation to version 3.1

When: Monday, January 18th, 2010 between 8am and 10am PST

More Info:

Hello Confluence Users,

We've finally completed the migration to the new version of Confluence on the new snazzy hardware. The migration took a little bit longer than we'd hoped. We apologize for any inconvenience.

As a reminder, if you made any changes to the wiki after 2:30am this morning, you will need to make those changes again.

Check out our support page for a list of known issues with the new version of Confluence.

Thank you for your patience during this migration,

The Confluence Team

Hello Confluence Users,

This Friday, March 21st, 2008 we plan on migrating Confluence over to new enterprise hardware in addition to upgrading to Confluence 2.7.2

Questions about the migration?

Check out the Confluence Support page.

Below is a rough timeline of how we see the migration occurring.

Friday, March 21st, 2008

  • 2:30am – Confluence Nightly Back-up: DEADLINE for changes
  • 8:00am – Begin Migration of content and attachments
  • 8:30am – Functional Testing & Data Clean-up
  • 9:00am – Start Migrating
  • 10:00am – Migration Complete
Spring Townhall Meeting

Hear ye, hear ye! Come join us for the Spring 2008 Confluence Townhall meeting!

The Spring 2008 Confluence Townhall meeting will be held on Monday, March 17th, 2008 from 10:30am to 12:00pm in MLIB Studio A.

The Confluence team will be giving a quick presentation on the state of Confluence and a roadmap for the next 6 months. In addition, we have a sneak preview of the next version of Confluence due to be released at the end of Spring Break.

The Townhall meeting will also present the opportunity for wiki users to get up and demonstrate how they use the wiki within their department. This will be your chance to show-off all your tricks, cool stylings, and innovative ways of communicating. For those of you not presenting, this is a great way to learn new and exciting ways to use the wiki. There are currently 5 spots available if you'd like to give a quick (10 minutes or less) demo of your space. If you'd like to present or just attend, please sign-up on the Spring '08 Townhall page.

Click to add this event to your calendar


Do you have questions about Confluence? Join the Wiki-Support Mailing List today! As a member of the list you'll be able to ask and answer questions with other Confluence users!

Dealing with Drafts

Many times we want to start writing a document in Confluence but also indicate to people that it is a work in progress and should be read as such. There are a couple of good techniques for this. The first is a note at the top of the page.

{note}Draft text only.{note}

The other would be to use a 'draft' label so that you can easily find all of your drafts. This doesn't really catch the eye of the reader though.

Putting the word draft in the title of the document might seem like a good idea, but when you change the name of the document to take draft out, it will change the location (or at least the URL) of the document.

Or something like that. Today's brief outage was networking related, although we aren't exactly sure what part of the network was letting us down. The symptom was that we couldn't reach LDAP from our server. When you can't talk to LDAP, Confluence doesn't know enough about you to let you in (especially if you're already authenticated and kept a "Remember me" cookie). So, each request would wait until it timed out. Anyway, we restarted the network on the server and all our problems went away, just like magic!

New Dynamic Tasklist

Happy (belated) Halloween! In honor of what has to be the best holiday since Columbus Day, we decided to perform a minor upgrade to the Tasklist plugin.  Today, you'll be able to start using the new Dynamic Tasklist plugin which features the ability to assign priorities and users to tasks! (Note: assigning a tasks to a user just puts their name next to the item.) Your current tasklists will be upgraded the next time the page containing the list is viewed.

You can read all about the plugin on the developer website.

The new plugin behaves a little bit differently than the previous version. In the newer version all of the data is stored in the page, so every-time you add, move, update, or sort a list it will record that change as a change to the whole page itself.

We've made available to the Confluence public a page detailing the plugins we've installed beyond the defaults.

Some recent additions worthy of mention include:

Welcoming Phase 3 Groups

It's with great pleasure that we welcome the following departments to Confluence:

  • Library Instruction Program
  • Technology and Learning Program
  • Regional and Continuing Education
Weekend Downtime

The downtime Saturday and Sunday was for the power outage in Meriam Library. Sorry for the inconvenience and lack of notification.

A Reminder about Privacy

Our Confluence Universe has grown quite a bit over the last couple of weeks as the Phase 2 departments come online and collaborators are invited into spaces. As a user of Confluence you have the option to create a Personal Space. We'd like to remind everyone that by default, Personal Spaces are viewable by anyone who is logged into Confluence. If you wish to keep your Personal Space completely private, you'll need to remove the confluence-users groups from your Personal Space permissions. The Permissions screen  can be accessed from your Personal Space by clicking on Browse Space and then selecting Space Admin and finally Permissions, which is located on the left hand navigation. From there you can edit the Group Permissions to remove confluence-users. After you save that change, your Personal Space will be just that, only viewable by yourself when you're logged into Confluence.

If you have any questions about Confluence, feel free to drop us an email at

Phase 2 Starts Today

Confluence Pilot Phase 2 begins today!

It's with great pleasure that we welcome the following departments to Confluence:

  • Application Design and Development
  • Enterprise Systems
  • WebCT Vista Support

For some of you, this Confluence Pilot space might be new. In truth it's been around for awhile and has been used to collect tips, tricks, or other tidbits of information. Feel free to check out the archives of news posts. Here are some highlights:

Good Company

Sun Microsystems is also going with Confluence.