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  • How can I remove older attempts from Needs Grading?
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The Situation

An instructor who allows students to submit multiple attempts for assignments must enter a score in order to remove the attempt from Needs Grading. 

The expectation

Instructors may have students submit errant attempts (such as forgetting to attach a file), or a draft version of the assignment. In the case of the errant attempt, the instructor may just want to remove it from Needs Grading; for draft version of an assignment, the instructor may want to comment on the draft, but not necessarily enter a score. 

Blackboard Learn's method

Blackboard Learn provides a couple of different methods for removing previous attempts from Needs Grading.

Grade a draft attempt:

1) From Needs Grading, click on the student attempt for grading. 

2) You could enter 0 or other score and include formative feedback to the student in the Feedback area.

The above method works if you want to provide feedback to the student BEFORE they submit their final attempt. By default, Bb Learn uses the LAST GRADED ATTEMPT, so the grade you enter for the final draft should be the score that display to the student in My Grades. If you already entered the final grade, and simply want to remove this earlier draft attempt, use the Clear Attempt method below. 

Clear an errant attempt:

1)  Click on Full Grade Center.

2) Locate the student and the corresponding attempt.
(The attempt may appear with a Needs Grading exclamation point; or with a point value, depending on the scenario)

3) Click the down arrow next to the attempt and choose View Grade Details.

4) Locate the errant attempt and choose Clear Attempt. 


Ignore Attempt will NOT remove the attempt from Needs Grading. It only ignores the attempt from the calculated score.