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  • Why do I get an error message when adding a Turnitin assignment to Blackboard Learn?
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If you add a Turnitin Assignment in Blackboard Learn for the first time, you may get an error message similar to the following:

"Blackboard Integration Warning * Error: 423 *

Turnitin encountered an error while trying to automatically update your user information. It appears that your Blackboard email address has changed, and when trying to update the corresponding user profile in Turnitin, it was discovered that email address already belonged to another user. Please update your email address in your Blackboard user profile to a different email address. UID: _1921_1 - Old Email: - New Email: "


  1. Raise a support ticket with Turnitin by selecting the following link:

  2. Complete the ticket, using the following as a guide, substituting your own name, email and error message. IMPORTANT: You must paste the 423 error message from Blackboard Learn into the text entry field on the support ticket. They need the specific information on that error message. 

  3. Select Send Ticket.

Turnitin should fix the problem within 24 hours. If they don't, contact TLP and ask us to call the Turnitin support phone number and check on the status of the ticket. 

Turnitin Support ticket example