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  • How can students see their test or quiz results?
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If a student wishes to review his or her submission, the student must follow the steps below.

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If you can see this note, you're a staff member. This needs to be linked to a "how to change what students see" article.

Click on the steps below to see a short animation of the step.

Step1:ClickontheMyGradestoolonthecoursemenu"> Step 1: Click on the My Grades tool on the course menu

Step2:Clickonthetitleofthetest"> Step 2: Click on the title of the test

Step3:Clickonthegradeforthespecifictestattempt"> Step 3: Click on the grade for the specific test attempt

Student Preview Mode

You can check to make sure that a student can view their results by switching to Student Preview Mode, taking the test, then checking the results via the method above.  It is important to remember that when you switch to Student Preview your "settings" are  marked to "Keep the preview user and all data". For more information on Student Preview Mode click here.