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  • How to add a "My Grades" link to the course menu
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This tutorial will show you how to add a My Grades tool link to your BB Learn course, which allows students to check their online grades at any time.

1) Once inside your BB Learn course, look in the top right corner and make sure edit mode is ON.  It should look like this:

2) In the upper left corner of the page, above the course menu, hover your mouse pointer over the plus icon (+) and select Create Tool Link from the pop-up menu.
3) Enter the title My Grades into the name field, and select My Grades from the drop down menu. Select the Available to Users box to allow students to see the course link.  It should look like this:

4) Click Submit to add the tool link to your course menu.

5) Your My Grades link should now be visible on your course menu - it will automatically be moved to the bottom of the menu.

6) To move the link, simply click on the double arrow icon to the left of the tool link, and drag it to your desired location.