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  • How to add the "Notifications" area to the course menu
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What are Notifications?

Notifications are a series of information boxes (called "Modules") which show you and your students what's happening in a course, including:

  • Current announcements
  • New material posted
  • New messages, discussion posts, blogs, wiki pages or journal entries
  • Upcoming and past due dates
  • Assignments and Tests that may need to be graded
  • Alerts about students who are falling behind according to Early Warning rules you set up
  • Calendar entries

Since Bb Learn doesn't have the "green asterisk" system that Bb Learn used to let faculty and students what areas of a course need their attention, the Notifications system is an important way to help keep everyone informed about the course. It is highly recommended to use a Notifications page as the Course Entry Point.

This tutorial will show you how to add a notifications page to your course in BB Learn.

1) Before beginning, make sure edit mode is ON.  It should look like this:

2) In the upper left of the page, above the course menu, hover over the plus (+) sign and select Create Module Page from the pop-up menu.

3) Enter Notifications into the name field and select the Available to Users box.

It should look like this:

4) Click Submit. Your Notifications page link will appear at the bottom of your course menu.

5) To move the link, simply click on the double arrow icon to the left of the tool link, and drag it to your desired location.

You now need to add modules to your Notifications page.

1) At the top of the Notifications page, find the Add Course Module button. It looks like this:

2) Click on the Add Course Module button.  It will open a list of modules which you may add to your Notifications page.

Some of the modules you may find useful are:

  • My Announcements
  • My Calendar
  • My Messages
  • Needs Attention
  • Report Card
  • To Do
  • What's New

3) To add modules to your Notifications page, simply click the green Add button Immediately below the title of the module you wish to add.

4) A quick notification will appear next to the Add button, which will become a red Remove button.

Below is a screenshot illustrating the green Add button, the red Remove button, and the notification.

5) The module is now added to your Notifications page.  After selecting the desired modules, you may exit the Add Module page without saving.

6) Upon returning to your Notifications page, all selected modules will be displayed.