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  • How do I download and install Respondus?
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  • A device running the Windows operating system.
  • An internet connection to upload assessments directly to online courses.

Installation Instructions

  1. Download the most recent Respondus installer.

    This page also has the installation credentials to use. You will be asked for that information during the installation so don't close this page yet.

    Double Check Your Installation

    Make sure you follow 1a-1c at the above link.

    Installation Password good through July 31st, 2019.

  2. Run the Respondus installer file you downloaded. You may need Administrator access to your computer to do this.

    If you encounter installation issues, please contact ITSS at x4357

  3. When prompted, enter the installation credentials needed (the bolded items in step 2)
  4. When Respondus is licensed, you will be asked to select a Learning Management System.
    1. Choose "Blackboard 7.3 - 9.x"
  5. Complete configuring Respondus by to connect to Blackboard Learn:


This tutorial will show you how to set up Respondus so it can publish tests to and retrieve tests and data from Bb Learn.

You should already have Respondus installed and licensed on your computer before beginning this tutorial. If you don't have Respondus yet, download it now.

Confirm the Respondus personality is set to Blackboard Learn.

On the Start tab, confirm that the Personality is set to Blackboard 7.x-9.x.

Configure the Server

1. Click the Preview and Publish tab at the top of the screen.

2. Next, select the Publish side tab and then the Publish Wizard.

3. Open the "Blackboard Server" drop-down menu. If Bb Learn at CSU, Chico is listed, you are finished! If not, select add new server click Next to search for Preconfigured Server Settings.

4. From the pop-up window's drop-down menu, select Blackboard Learn at CSU Chico.
5. Enter a name to describe the server (suggestion: Bb Learn) and enter your username and password. Then click next to confirm the server settings.
6. After the connection test, click "Next" and finish the wizard.

You will now be ready to retrieve tests and reports or publish tests and surveys to Blackboard Learn.