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Deck of Cards
idTest, Surveys, and Pools options
labelCreating Tests in Bb Learn
titleLinks to deeper information on creating and managing tests in Bb Learn

Creating Tests in Bb Learn

 Creating Tests and Surveys

Video: How to Create and Deploy Quizzes and Tests

 Editing Tests and Questions

 Building Stronger Questions with Metadata

 Question Types

 Calculated Formula |  Calculated Numeric | Either/Or | Essay | File Response | Fill In Multiple Blanks | Fill In The Blank | Hot Spot | Jumbled Sentence | Matching | Multiple Answer | Multiple Choice | Opinion Scale / Likert | Ordering | Quiz Bowl | Short Answer | True or False

 Question Settings

 Offering Partial Credit

 Finidng and Reusing Questions

 Creating Question Sets

 Uploading Questions (alternate option: Respondus)

 Test and Survey Options (including availability exceptions)

 Putting Existing Test Questions Into a Randomized Set

labelDeploying and Grading Tests and Surveys

Deploying and Grading Tests and Surveys

 Deploying Tests and Surveys

 Grading Tests

 Test and Survey Results

 Using the Test Access Log

 Test Item Analysis

 Resolving Student Issues With Tests 

 Test Options and Deployment Tips and Recommendations

 Accommodating students who require modified test options like extra time or alternate days.

 Grading Multiple Attempts

labelQuestion Pools & Test, Survey, and Pool Import/Export

Pools & Importing/Exporting Tests, Surveys, and Pools

 Creating and Using Pools

 Importing & Exporting Tests, Surveys, and Pools 



 Using Respondus

 Configuring Respondus for Bb Learn

 Importing questions to Respondus from MS Word or text files

 Publishing a test to multiple sections at once with Respondus

 How do I upload a test or survey from Respondus to Bb Learn?