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  • Customizing class-wide visibility of media uploaded by students.

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The purpose of this tutorial is to manage the visibility of videos that students have uploaded to Kaltura into the Course Media Gallery. The default setting for the course's Media Gallery is unmoderated, which is to say - any content uploaded by students will be immediately visible to all other students enrolled in the course. If you wish to have the option to moderate the videos before they become visible to all other students, you must edit the Media Gallery options.


This tutorial assumes you have already added the Media Gallery tool to the course menu and subsequently instructed students to upload their videos to the gallery.

1. Access the Media Gallery from your Course Menu.

2. Within the course's Media Gallery, click Actions, then Edit.

3. In Edit Media Gallery, you may toggle the option to moderate content, using the available check box. You may also change or enter a description, if desired, and enable or disable commenting upon the items uploaded to the media gallery.


If the Moderate content option is selected, uploaded media will not appear in the course media gallery until approved by the instructor.

4. Once you have finished editing the Media Gallery options, click Save, and then Back to Media Gallery.

5. With the option Moderate content selected, a student uploading a new video will receive the following message: "All media was published successfully. Note that your media will not be listed until a moderator approves it.

6. Following upload of new media - requiring approval - to the gallery, a button will become available near the top allowing you to Browse Pending media uploads.

7. To approve the video so that the rest of the students in the course can see the video, click on the Approve button, next to the video.

8. To approve or reject more than one video, select the check boxes next to the videos desired, then click on the batch Approve/Reject button.

9. Once you have finished approval, the uploaded videos will be available to all students in the Media Gallery.