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  • How do I download and install Respondus?

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Installation Instructions

  1. Download the most recent Respondus installer.

    This page also has the installation credentials to use. You will be asked for that information during the installation so don't close this page yet.

    titleDouble Check Your Installation

    Make sure you follow 1a-1c at the above link.


    Installation Password good through July 31st, 2019.

  2. Run the Respondus installer file you downloaded. You may need Administrator access to your computer to do this.


    If you encounter installation issues, please contact ITSS at x4357

  3. When prompted, enter the installation credentials needed (the bolded items in step 2)
  4. When Respondus is licensed, you will be asked to select a Learning Management System.
    1. Choose "Blackboard 7.3 - 9.x"
  5. Complete configuring Respondus by to connect to Blackboard Learn: