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  • Using the Student Preview
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Why Use Student Preview?

Using the Student Preview, you can:

  • Test the student view of course material
  • View tests, and assignments and availability of course material
  • Check that notifications of due dates are operating properly
  • The first time you use this tool in any Blackboard Learn course, it will add a new preview user student to your Grade Center for that course. The name of the user will be your name with (preview) at the end. You can then use the Preview user to:
    • Submit assignments and tests for grading as a test user
    • Test your grade center to make sure it is set up properly

How to Enter the Student Preview:

  1. Go to the top right side of your course, next to the Edit Mode and click on the student preview icon, shown here: 

Once in Student Preview Mode, a banner should appear stating Entering Student Preview and then Student Preview mode is ON

Exiting Preview Mode:

On the right side of  the Student Preview mode is ON banner, click on the Exit Preview button. 

Please read the Exit Student Preview menu carefully.  



Please Note

Selecting the Delete the preview user and all data will delete the preview user account created and any data you have inputed. 

Why Keep the preview user and all data

Keeping the Preview user and all data, you can: 

  • Take assessments, turn in assignments and view My Grades in student preview.
  • Receive grades issued in the Grade Center and verify that weighted columns are working correctly.
  • Preview the way students will see feedback and rubrics.

Use Caution When Doing the Following in Student Preview

  • Sending e-mail; Student Preview uses your faculty Outlook email so it will appear as if it is coming from you
  • Sending messages: if you send a course message while in Student Preview and then choose to "Delete the preview user and its data"; nobody can reply to the course message
  • Discussion board posts; the author of the post will be changed to "Anonymous" if you choose to "Delete the preview user and its data"

Please Note

The new Student Preview function described here replaces the previous demo student function.