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  • Using grade center smart views to filter sections in combined courses
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Combining a course (creating a "Common Learning Environment") with several sections is an efficient way of saving time posting information to BlackBoard.  

The downside is that will wreak havoc on your grade center.  With a few simple steps, we can use "Smart Filters" to re-divide your Full Grade Center into sections. (See example below)

Step One: Getting the roster that will show the student name and section

1.  Make sure that the “Child Course” column is showing in the Full Grade Center.

If it is not, unhide it from Manage, Column organization.

This column will be used to sort the students by sections.

2.  Return to the Full Grade Center and click the “Work Offline” button, then Download.

(In Data options, choose User Information only)

This will give you the roster needed to create groups by section.

3.  Download to ‘My computer’ and open in Excel.

Once in Excel, highlight all the student data, click the Data tab, and the Sort button.

"Custom Sort" will allow you sort by the column that the Child Course ID is listed in,  by values

This will list all the students in order by their section.  This information is used to create the groups.

Once in Excel, insert a blank line between each section to allow them to stand alone. Printing this page will also make it easier to create the groups. 

Step Two: Creating section groups

1. Access the Course Management, to Users and Groups, and Groups.

From there, create a Single Group,  Manual Enroll.

2. Name the group the first section (ex. “Section 02”)

Under Group Options near the bottom, check the box to Create smart view for this group.

Click the Add Users button and begin to select students from the printout of the first section.

(To get the students in alphabetical order in BBlearn, click the column header that reads “Last name”)

After the students from the first section have been added, save the group (you may need to submit twice!) and repeat the process with the remaining sections.

Step Three: Enabling Smart Views

1. Access the Full Grade Center.  Under the "Manage" tab, select Smart Views.

2.  Check the boxes next to your newly created Sections.  Select "Favorites", "Add to Favorites"

(You can also click on the star icon and it will change to green)

Last Step:

Go to Full Grade Center to view your newly sorted sections!

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