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  • Student Instructions - How to upload video to the Kaltura Media Gallery
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The purpose of this tutorial is to show how to add Kaltura Media for students to share within the Bb Learn Course. This tutorial assumes that the Media Gallery has been added to the Course Menu by the instructor.

Click here to see what file formats are accepted by Kaltura.

Faculty members can test this function by using the Student View

1. Access Media Gallery from course menu on the left.

2. Select the Add Media button on top right of the Media Gallery area.

3. Students will have the ability to upload various audio and video files by clicking Add New, then Media Upload.

4. Click Choose a file to upload, and select the appropriate file from your computer and click open on the bottom right of the popup window.

5. Once the media finishes uploading, it will publish to the course gallery automatically. Fill out any appropriate information in the available Name, Description, and Tags boxes, then click Save.

The video files students upload are immediately available for the class to view.