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If you are starting from scratch:

  1. Develop the course, refer to the course models, workshop, consultation
  2. Follow steps 2-8 below

If you are copying from a previous semester:

  1. Copy the content into a prep area or live course shell
  2. Follow steps 2-8 below

These are some recommendations for what you may wish to do with your new live term course before students get access to it (generally, 1 week before the semester start date):

  1. Copy Content from another Prep Area or other Bb Learn Course. Read the tutorial.
  2. Confirm that the primary communications tool is available.  Add either the E-mail or Messages tool link if necessary. Read about the difference between them to help you select which tool you will use in this course. Read the tutorial.
  3. Check Grade Center columns and categories to ensure that you have the columns you need without duplication.  Confirm that the default "Total" column (marked with a green checkmark - the external grade) is properly reflecting student grade(s), and make any necessary changes.
  4. Set the Course Entry Point - what should students see first when they click on this course? Watch tutorial.
  5. If this course has unused lab sections, you should email and request that those lab sections be hidden in Learn.
  6. You may wish to add a module page called "Notifications" on your course menu to provide students with a customizable module page or "dashboard". Read the tutorial.  The Notifications page will no longer be automatically be included in "blank" course shells.  If it is already in your course it will continue to be there after a course copy.
  7. Use Date Manager to adjust all dates (available after/until, due dates) to match the syllabus.  Read the tutorial (use the "List all dates for Review").
  8. Remove the "Faculty - What's Next?" item from your home page.