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  • is a Windows-based assessment building tool
  • can upload quizzes directly to Bb Learn
  • can download quizzes from Bb Learn for editing or printing
  • does not have a Mac version
  • is free for use by all faculty - licensed by CSU
  • is installed on all TLP PCs

Respondus currently cannot be installed on campus computers, so you will need to contact ITSS to have them install it on your machine.

A great feature is the Respondus Publisher Test Bank Network, which lets you directly access your textbook's test banks inside Respondus to build new quizzes or question pools.

If your Respondus hasn't been updated since February 2017 you will be unable to connect to Blackboard. For instructions on updating check the tutorials below.

In order to use Respondus with Bb Learn at CSU Chico you must download and install a new copy of Respondus. Follow the download and install instructions; you don't need to remove a previous version. You will then be able to select the preconfigured server setting "Bb Learn at CSU Chico". This resolves the issue we experienced with Bb Learn beginning in January.

Why Use Respondus?

Respondus offers several advantages over creating quizzes and surveys in Blackboard Learn:

Import Questions

You can import entire tests or question banks directly from text and Microsoft Word files. This can greatly save time for faculty using previous paper-based exams or publisher-provided test banks.

Insert Assesments into any Blackboard Learn Course

Once you've created a quiz, self-test or survey with Respondus, it's a snap to tell Respondus which course section you wish to upload that assessment into, and you can even automatically create an icon linking your assessment in any folder of your course's content area.

Quick Editing and Preview Interface

Because Respondus runs on your PC and not through a web browser, the experience of creating, modifying and previewing exam questions is very responsive and intuitive; you never have to wait for your internet connection to "catch up".

Keep Respondus Files and Upload to Mulitple Classes

As you create assessments, Respondus creates saved copies on your computer. Using these, you can quickly make mulitple versions of an exam, or upload the same exam into mulitple courses.

Analyze your Results

Respondus can generate graphic reports and statistical analysis based on the results of a Vista quiz or survey that your students have already taken. These results can be saved or printed.