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Captioning Support Services are now available at Chico State. The captioning support program is part of the Office of Accessible Technology and Services (OATS). This service is free of charge to university faculty and staff.

Kaltura, Chico State's media server, automatically captions a video's narration track when the video is uploaded. Instructors are still strongly recommended to review this automatic captioning for accuracy. If the captions are inaccurate and need to be fixed there are two options.

1. You can edit the captions of the video yourself, or
2. You can submit a service request for captioning support services.Please plan accordingly. It is recommended that request be made 3-4 weeks in advance of the needed due date.

Process for requesting captioning services:

Submit a service request
Bring videos to the Office of Accessible Technology and Services (OATS). Located in SSC (Student Services Center) room 320 or provide appropriate links when submitting service request
Reasons for Potential Delay

If you have any, questions please contact the Office of Accessible Technology and Services at 530-898-4863, or email,