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  • Publishing a test to multiple sections at once with Respondus
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When publishing a test from Respondus into Bb Learn, there's an option to publish into multiple sections. This is particularly useful if you have three sections of the same course and wish to give the same test in all three sections.

This tutorial assumes the following:

  1. You have already created/opened/imported a test into Respondus
  2. All questions are built
  3. You have already defined all relevant deployment settings on the Settings tab.

1. When you're ready to publish, go to the Preview & Publish tab.

2. Click on Publish to Blackboard. Click on the Publish Wizard.

3. Click on Batch Publish to multiple courses.

4. Choose the Blackboard Learn Server and click Next.

5 Enter your Portal ID and Password and click OK.

6. Select Courses to Publish the exam to. Also additional options can be selected on this screen.