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Anything posted to California State University, Chico’s MediaSpace should be in good taste and appropriate for all audiences. MediaSpace videos must meet the following criteria:

  • be created and/or owned by CSU, Chico-affiliated students, faculty, or staff.
  • be of a high quality. Footage should be stable and in-focus (neither blurry nor shaky), and audio should be clear.
  • be captioned.  

General Video Policy

See also “Photo Policy” in CSU, Chico’s University Publication Guide

  • Never use video or photo from another source without permission from the copyright holder of that media.
  • If you’re shooting video in a public space, such as outside a building on campus, you do not need to secure permission from people you record. But, if you shoot video inside a building or at a non-public event, we recommend that you get written permission from everyone in your video.
  • If you video minors, you need permission from their guardians or parents. You can print the standard CSU video/image release forms from the Web in English or Spanish:


Most books, journals, magazines, photographs, video clips, art, sound recordings, computer programs, and websites are protected by copyright law. In addition, architecture, motion pictures, and dance choreography can also be protected by the law. So when you use ideas, words or phrases, images, or sounds from another source, be sure to seek out the copyright holder and obtain permission before you include that work in your social media copy. For more details, refer to the Use of Copyrighted Materials page on the Meriam Library website.

Additional Information

Please note that each faculty, staff, and student user of CSU, Chico’s digital communications systems like MediaSpace is responsible for the material that they choose to send or display using the campus computing/communication resources. These guidelines are in support of and directly related to the existing Policy on Use of Computing and Communications Technology, Executive Memorandum-97-018 and Executive Memorandum 07-01.

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