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Access Kaltura “My Media” Module to Create a Quiz

This tutorial assumes you are somewhat familiar with the process for uploading media to Kaltura through Blackboard Learn. If you are not familiar with those steps, and want a hands-on demonstration, please contact the Technology and Learning Program (TLP).  

  1. From your Blackboard Learn Faculty Home page, click on the My Media module.

    1. If you are having trouble locating the My Media module, scroll to the bottom of the screen. You can move the module up and down on this page.

    2. While there are multiple ways to access Kaltura, we recommend getting in the habit of using the My Media module on Faculty Home. My Media is the only place that enables deleting videos.

  2. Select Add New > Video Quiz

  3. Select the media for the quiz.

    1. You can either select an existing video from your My Media library or upload a new one.

    2. Tip: Use the Sort options if you have a lot of media in your library.

  4. Click Start to create the Quiz.  A copy of the media is created; the original media is retained.

    From the Quiz Editor screen, you can enter information such as the name, instructions, and options for displaying score information.


To Add Questions and Answers

Kaltura Quizzes currently enable you to add multiple choice questions only. Additional question types are coming in the future.

  1. Play the video or move the play head marker to the desired point in the video’s timeline.

  2. Press the + button in the video preview window.

  3. Click Add a Question Here and enter the question text.

  4. In the Add CORRECT Answer Here field – enter the correct answer.

  5. In the Add Additional Answer Here field: two answers are mandatory.

  6. Click the + sign to add more answers. You may add up to four answers (maximum). Hover over the three dots in the answers to manually drag the answers to re-order them.

  7. Use the Shuffle icon to shuffle the order of the answers and ensure that the correct answer is not presented at the same order every time.

  8. Select Save.

Move the media’s realtime marker to the desired point in the video’s timeline to add additional questions and repeat the steps in this section.

Add To Preview the Quiz in Kaltura

  1. Click on the Eye icon below the player.

  2. Click Esc X when done previewing.

  3. When satisfied with your quiz, click Done.

To Embed Your Kaltura Quiz in Blackboard Learn

  1. From Blackboard Learn, access the course and folder where you want the quiz to go.

  2. Select Assessment > Kaltura Video Quiz.

  3. Enter the quiz name.

  4. Scroll down until you see the scoring options.

  5. Select the type of grade display you want for students. Typically, this is score.

  6. Submit. Your quiz now displays for students and is connected to your gradebook.

To Adjust the Points on the Kaltura Quiz

By default, all Kaltura quizzes are worth 100 points. You can adjust the points.

  1. Navigate to Grade Center > Full Grade Center.

  2. Locate the column associated with your Kaltura quiz.

  3. Hover your mouse to the right of the column name, select the down arrow and choose Edit Column Information.

  4. Adjust the points and save.

To Preview the Quiz as a Student   

  1. From Bb Learn, select Student Preview icon which is located near Edit mode on.

  2. Select Settings and choose Keep the preview user and all data.

  3. Save.

Take the quiz as your preview user and check the score in the gradebook.

To Edit an Existing Kaltura Quiz Questions or Settings  

  1. From Blackboard Learn, select Faculty Home.

  2. Select My Media.

  3. Locate your Kaltura quiz and select the Edit icon.

  4. Select Launch Editor.

Kaltura Quiz Advanced Settings

Quiz Scoring

Upon Submission:

Resulting Display for the end-user

Do Not Show Scores

A 'Thank You' message will display after submitting the quiz.
No scores will be presented to the quiz-taker.

Show Scores

Your students  will see the quiz score page after the quiz is submitted.

Include Answers

Your students will be able to see correct/incorrect answers, as well as the correct answer’s rationale if you chose to add it during the quiz creation (add link to where we talk about the “Why” button)

Quiz Experience


Resulting Display for the end-user

Question List

Your students will be able to download the quiz question list and possible answers before they start playing the media.

Edit Answer

Your students will be able to change an answer before submitting the entire quiz, during review mode.

Skip for Now

Your students  will be able to skip a question and come back to answer it later. Setting this off, will mean that your students will be blocked from continuing the playback until the answer the question.

Hints and Feedback: (Optional)

A hint contains additional information the user can choose to see while answering the question. It does not affect the score or any other  behavior or parameter of the IVQ. The “Why” icon is the rationale of the correct answer, which can explain your users why this is the correct answer. The Why comes up only at the end of the quiz and only when the option to Include Answers is checked in the Scoring tab.

  1. Click the Lamp icon.

  2. Click Hint and enter a hint. (A small ‘V’ icon is displayed in the Hint icon.)

  3. Click Why and enter the rational.

  4. Click Apply or Remove.

  5. Click Save.