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Kaltura Within Blackboard Learn

Kaltura can be used within Bb Learn or externally with MediaSpace, allowing faculty, staff, and students a way to easily create, upload, edit, and share media content.

Below you will find the Kaltura User guide and popular tutorials used by users.

TLP recommends scheduling a consultation with one of the Information Technology Consultants to ensure a successful implementation of this tool within your instructional materials and delivery.


Student Tutorials

Instructor Tutorials

Kaltura User Guides 

Overview of My Media

  1. Overview of My Media
  2. Developing Content from My Media
  3. Editing Content from My Media
  4. Linking Content from My Media
  5. How to Add a Co-editor or Co-publisher to Media

Overview of the Webcam Video Recorder

  1. How to record from a webcam

Overview of CaptureSpace

Overview of Faculty Repository