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  • How to enable Turnitin iPad Grading for your course
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Introduction Video


  • You should have already installed the Turnitin iPad app from iTunes app store.

  • You should already have an existing Turnitin assignment in your course with student submissions.

Note: If you do not have student submissions yet, click View/Complete and submit a paper as a non-enrolled student. Submitting as a non-enrolled student excludes the paper from the Turnitin database.


  1. From your desktop or laptop computer, navigate to Course Management > Course Tools > Turnitin Assignment.
  2. Click on an existing Turnitin assignment.
  3. Click on a student submission to bring up Turnitin Feedback Studio.
  4. From Turnitin Feedback Studio, select the information icon in the lower right. See below.
  5. Click Generate Code. You generate one access code per course.
  6. Select the code and press Ctrl + C or Cmd + C to Copy the code. You may want to email the code to yourself so you can easily get it on you iPad.

Access the Course on your IPAD

  1. From your iPad,  start the Turnitin app.
  2. Tap the Access Code tab.
  3. Under the Add a Class prompt, enter or paste the access code in the space provided.
  4. Tap Add.