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  • How to add the Email or Messages tool link to the course menu
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This tutorial will show you how to add the Email or Messages tool link to your BB Learn course.

Email and Messages are both ways for faculty and students to communicate, but they operate differently.

Messages is a closed system within Bb Learn for sending and receiving messages; students and faculty must check their Messages inbox inside Bb Learn to find new messages.

Email is a sending tool which enables you to send email directly to the students' Wildcat email account. When students respond, they will be sending directly to the faculty member's Exchange email account. No email is stored inside of Bb Learn with this system.

Read more about the difference between Messages and Email

TLP advises that you select either Messages or Email, but not both, to avoid confusion. If you are unclear on which system would be best for you, please contact TLP by email or at (530) 898-5328.

1) Before beginning, make sure the edit mode is ON.  It should look like this:

2) On the upper left side of the page, above the course menu, hover over the plus (+) icon, and select Create Tool Link.

3) Select your desired option (Email or Messages) from the pop-up menu, enter the appropriate label in the name field, and select the Available to Users box to allow students to see the course link.

Here is an example of the Email tool being added:

4) Click Submit and the process is complete.  Your Email link is automatically added to the bottom of your course menu.

5) To move the link, simply click on the double arrow icon to the left of the tool link, and drag it to your desired location.