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  • How to Add an Extra Credit Column to the Grade Center
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This method will not work if you are using a Weighted Total Column, as Weighted Columns cannot go over 100% and the extra credit can only be applied to one of the multiple weighted sections.

It is possible to create a column in which manually entered extra-credit points are added to students' total points.

Use the following steps to create the columns in the Grade Center:

Extra Credit if you're using a points-based Total Column

1. Go into the Full Grade Center and click on the Create Column button on the left.

2. In the Create Grade Column window add Extra Credit in the Column Name box and supply a description if needed.

3. For primary display select Score from the drop-down list.

4. For the secondary display select Percentage from the drop-down list. Remember only the instructor sees this display.

5. The category can remain blank or an Extra Credit category can be created prior to the column creation.

6. For Points Possible input 0.

7. Select Yes for Include this Column in Grade Center Calculations.

8. Submit.

After submitting this column will be in the Full Grade Center and at the end of the column list.

This method will work if you use the Total Column as a running total, automatically adding every column included in calculations. If you are using a Total Column that specifies which columns should be added, you'll need to edit your Total Column and specify that the Extra Credit column you just created should also be added.

Now, if a student has received full credit for all gradable items (100 points) and also receives 6 extra credit points, his new total is 106 or 106%.