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  • How To Use The Kaltura Mashup To Embed Webcam Video into Blackboard
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Kaltura is a media server available to students and faculty in Blackboard. It's like a class's private YouTube. Kaltura video and audio can be played back on desktop and mobile devices.

This tutorial shows you how to use the Kaltura Mashup function to upload or record a webcam video into any text box that has the editing toolbars, such as content items, blog posts, discussion threads, journals, wikis and even test questions. Students and faculty can both use this tool.

You will need to have the Adobe Flash plugin to upload videos to Kaltura. This process can't be done from a mobile device.

Click here to see what video and audio file formats are accepted by the Kaltura streaming media server.


  • In the text box where you would like to insert your video, click on the toolbar button titled Mashups and then choose Kaltura Media.

If you can't see the Mashups button or more than one row of buttons at the top of your text box, you may have to click the down arrow icon which expands the toolbar.

  • If you have already uploaded your video into Kaltura, you can select it. However, if you want to add new media or record from your webcam, click the button in the top right-hand corner titled "Add New" and then* "*Webcam Recording"


  • Next, Kaltura needs permission to use your webcam (and microphone), "Allow" Adobe Flash to access your camera and microphone.

  • Click the video image to start and then to stop recording.  
  • Name your video and click "Save", without closing the window click "Back to Browse and Embed".

Long videos may not be immediately available for playback or embedding as Kaltura converts each video to a number of streaming formats; this process may take several minutes to an hour depending on the length of the recorded video. It will automatically be available when finished, and you don't have to stay on the page to wait for it.

Once the video has finished encoding:
  • "Select" the video you want to share by clicking the Select button on the right.
  • "Embed" the video you want to share by clicking the Embed button on the right.

The video has been included in the Blackboard text area where you started, click "Submit" to finish adding your webcam recording to Blackboard.