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  • Grading a Turnitin Assignment from Blackboard Learn
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Accessing GradeMark from Blackboard Learn

The quickest and most efficient method for instructors to access Turnitin, is from Course Tools > Turnitin Assignments. This lists all of  your Turnitin assignments in one place, as well as the option to sync your roster and grades, if needed. 
1) The , navigate to Course Management > Course Tools > Turnitin Assignments.

2) Select a Turnitin Assignment created for your course. This displays the Turnitin Assignment Inbox.

3) From the Turnitin Assignment inbox, click on the student paper or click on the pencil icon.

Commenting on a student's paper

Turnitin has some really nice tools for commenting on a student's paper.

Grading a Turnitin assignment by directly entering a score

You can grade a paper by entering a score in the upper-right corner of the GradeMark window. See below.

TurnItIn automatically updates the score into your Blackboard Learn grade center. If there is a delay, you can manually sync the score in Blackboard Learn by choosing Course Tools > Turnitin Assignments > Sync Grades.

Grading a Turnitin assignment using a Turnitin rubric or grading form

Rubrics are a great way to consistently and objectively evaluate student work. If you want to quickly evaluate student work based on a set of predefined criteria or learning goals. See Turnitin's tutorials for using rubrics and grading forms for detailed instructions.  

Turnitin’s new Grading Forms are simple rubrics that allow an instructor to give free-form feedback and scores for students broken out across a list of criteria.

You can create new rubrics and grading forms from the Rubric and Form Manager.

To Access the Rubric and Form Manager when you create a Turnitin Assignment

You can access the Rubric and Form Manager at the time you create the Turnitin assignment or from Feedback Studio

  1. From your Turnitin assignments area, select the L:libraries tab.
  2. Select Rubric and Form Manager.
  3. Select the menu on the blue bar.
  4. Choose either Create New Rubric or Create Grading Form.

To Access the Rubric and Form Manager from Feedback Studio:

you can also access the Rubric and Form manager from Turnitin Feedback Studio while viewing/grading a student submission.