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CSU Chico offers a school-sponsored Google Apps for Education account to all students, faculty and staff. Students use the Gmail service exclusively, while faculty and staff continue to use the Exchange mail system. In addition to Gmail, a number of other Google Services are accessible through the Wildcat login, including YouTube, Picasa, Blogger, Maps, Google+ and more.

Videos: How to access your Chico State Google Account and Applications

Accessing Google Apps from the Chico State web site

Creating, Uploading and Sharing Documents in Google Drive

Accessing Google Docs Shared with You

Support for Google Apps

The Technology and Learning Program can advise faculty how to use individual Google Apps to facilitate online instruction. This is generally accomplished through consultation with an ITC.

Technical Support for faculty, staff or students is provided by Google. For more information see the ITSS Knowledge Base article.

Questions regarding accessibility are answered here.

Popular Collaboration Tools: Google Drive

There are several Google applications which can be used to facilitate online collaboration. These share a common storage space called Google Drive. The apps are:

  • Google Documents, a word processor and web page editor with wiki-like collaborative capabilities
  • Google Spreadsheets, which can contain data and functions as well as charts and graphs or forms
  • Google Presentations, a basic slideshow creation and publishing tool
  • Google Forms, a simple way to collect anonymous or student-identified survey data directly into a Spreadsheet
  • Google Drawings, a way to collaboratively create charts, diagrams and illustrations which can be used in your Docs
  • Google Drive is the centralized storage point for the above docs, and it can also share and store any other type of file (PDF, Video, ZIP, etc)

    Should I use Bb Learn Wiki or Google Docs for Collaborative Writing?

    A collaborative writing project can be done in many ways, and the supported tools have different strengths which may make one more suitable than the other. If you have any questions about how to implement one of these solutions in your class, consult a TLP Consultant.

    Bb Learn Wiki Google Docs


    • Multiple pages, truly a wiki site
    • Embed media like YouTube
    • Gradeable
    • Simultaneous editing
    • Superior revision history
    • Threaded side comments


    • No simultaneous editing
    • Contribution metrics aren't as robust
    • Single page structure
    • Possible permissions issues
    • Not Gradeable
    • Can't embed rich media besides images

    Are the Google Apps for Education accessible to students with disabilities?

    Accessibility Matters

    Tip: Some applications are more accessible than others. Faculty should proceed with caution if integrating the use of specific Apps in their required curriculum.

    Google Apps are complex web-based applications with media-rich interfaces which may present barriers to users of assistive technology, depending on which applications, features, and role is encountered. As a result of testing, recommendation and persuasion by California State University and other groups, Google has made significant strides to make many of their Apps more accessible in the last several years, but barriers and limitations remain.

    For instance, a student viewing a published Doc linked from a course may encounter few or no accessibility issues. However, a student who is asked to edit a collaborative Google Presentation may encounter significant barriers.

    If you have a question about the accessibility of your use of Google Apps for Education, contact TLP at 898-6167 for a consultation in conjunction with the Accessibility Resource Center.

    How do I sign in to my CSU, Chico Google account?

    Method 1: Sign In Through Google

    You can access any google app directly by using your Wildcat email address as your user name to the Google Sign In prompt for any enabled application, such as YouTube or Blogger.

    Wildcat email addresses end in "", for instance, even if the user is a faculty member who does not use this address for email.

    You can leave the password field blank. This will automatically prompt Google to switch you over to a CSU, Chico login screen, where you can then login using your Portal username and password. You will then be logged into that Google Application.

    Method 2: Sign In through the CSU Chico web site

    All CSU, Chico faculty, staff and students have access to Google Mail, Calendar and Docs through the university portal. To log on to Google Docs, to go Click on Documents.

    You will be prompted for your Portal user name and password. Once you've logged in, you will see any Google Documents that you have either created or been given access to as a viewer or editor.

    What support is available to students using Google Docs?

    Students can get help using the Google Documents, Spreadsheets and Presentations tools from the Google Docs Help web site.

    Student Computing does not offer formal assistance for students using Google Apps for Education. TLP's consultants are available to work with faculty who wish to create comprehensive, specific instructions for students using Google Apps to complete required course work.