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  • Creating a folder in a content area
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The purpose of this tutorial is to show how to add a content folder in a content area to help organize your course materials. If you have questions about the best way to organize the content of your course, contact TLP and request a consultation with an ITC.

1. Once in your course, on the left hand side of the page, click desired content area (i.e.: welcome page).

2. Under the Build Content tab, select Content Folder.

3. You will be directed to the Content Folder Information page where you are able to name your folder as well as set options.

4. Click Submit

5. Below is an example of what your content area would look like Course Content.

If you don't see the folder icon on your content area, you may have your content set to display "Text Only". This is a instructor choice. You can change it by selecting the drop-down menu next to the Content Area's name and changing it to "Display Text and Icons".