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Camtasia is a screen-recording and video production program by Techsmith that has been used by faculty to create pre-recorded lectures, demonstrations, tutorials, and other presentations.


  • Record anything on the screen including websites, application, PowerPoint slides, or a combination of these.
  • Record a voice-over track simultaneously, or after the screen-recording is done, as well as a small webcam video if desired.
  • Extensive highlighting, zooming, hot-links and other mark-up capabilities.
  • Add interactive quiz questions to reinforce content or collect feedback.

Camtasia Tutorials

Current Tutorials From TechSmith

Latest tutorials for Camtasia 9 (Windows) and Camtasia 3 (OS X) are here.

Older Tutorials From TechSmith

Earlier tutorials for Camtasia 8 (Windows) can still be found here.

Earlier tutorials for Camtasia 2 (OS X) can still be found here.

    Does the campus have a site license for Camtasia so I can use it on my own computer?

    Yes, site licensing is now available for Camtasia and Snagit. TLP has Camtasia installed on all lab and checkout computers as well as two dedicated podcasting rooms. Faculty and staff can download Camtasia and Snag it here:

    Camtasia And Snag it Download

    How do I upload my Camtasia productions to Blackboard Learn?

    We recommend exporting as a full quality (High Definition) movie then:

    • Publishing an unlisted video on YouTube which can be embedded in Bb Learn
    • Directly embedding the video in Bb Learn with Kaltura

    If you plan on making your Camtasia videos interactive then:

    • Producing a SCORM object which can report time on task and grades on pop quizzes.
    • Producing the "web" version and uploading to the Content Collection.

    Each method has pros and cons, and it's recommended that you meet with a TLP consultant to determine what's appropriate for your class and content.

    Does Camtasia run on a Mac?

    Yes, it has a slightly different interface however is still highly recommended.


    Tips for Recording Lectures

    Screen Tips:

    Reduce Screen Clutter: Close programs you're not using.

    Browser Toolbars: If you're demonstrating a web page or web application, try to minimize the amount of screen space taken by unnecessary buttons and toolbars.

    Plan Ahead: If you are showing multiple web pages open all your pages into one window with multiple tabs.

    On Firefox and Internet Explorer, the F11 key enables full-screen web browsing.

    Audio Tips

    You'll want to move to the headset microphone at least 2 inches away from your mouth to avoid distortion. Move it a little to the side to avoid popping "P" plosives.

    Use the audio meter to test the level of your voice - it should never hit all the way to the top, or else you students will hear distortion at the loudest points.

    Feel free to project beyond the microphone. Project your voice as though talking to someone across the room, instead of whispering. You can always turn down the audio level to compensate for a louder voice. You will achieve better clarity and diction this way.

    Output (Producing) Settings

    The best format for web distribution is to export as a fully quality MP4. This creates files with good quality that can easily be uploaded into Bb Learn with Kaltura or Youtube via Video

    Recommend Output Settings:
    We recommend you use the "Web" output for all slide show recordings.

    • Video format: MP4
    • Audio format: MP3
    • Size: 720p With Smart Player (Smart Player allows videos to be played on mobile devices)
    • Filename: use numbers and letters and underscores, but no spaces or other special characters (especially not the #).



    After you have edited your video in Camtasia Studio, you must create a video file that you can upload in to Bb Learn via Kaltura or YouTube Video Everywhere.

    1. From the file menu in Camtasia Studio select Produce and Share 

    2. Choose MP4 (720p) as the format and click next

    3. Name your file and choose a location for it to be stored