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The easy way to edit and manage your course files on your own computer.

What is Blackboard Drive?

Blackboard Drive is a Windows or Mac program which makes it much easier to access and edit your Bb Learn course files in two ways:

  1. Access the Content Collection area of each course as if it were a drive on your own computer
  2. Open, edit and save files directly from the Content Collection in your Bb Learn course without re-uploading it.

How does it work?

Bb Drive creates a new network "hard drive" on your computer which contains folders for each Bb Learn course in which you're an instructor. These folders are the Content Collection (file storage area) for each course. You can drag and drop files directly into these folders, move or rename files, or delete files. Bb Drive will keep track of where your files are and what they're named, so you get organized without breaking course links.

Adding files to your course's content collection through Bb Drive does not put those files out on the Content Area where students can click on them. You'll still need to log into Bb Learn and link the files (for instance, by attaching them to an item) to give students access to them.

Install Blackboard Drive

Download the Mac or Windows Bb Drive Installer

(Log in with your Portal username and password)

Download and run the correct installer for your computer. If you are unsure whether your Windows system is 32-bit or 64-bit, read this FAQ.

How are CSU, Chico faculty using Blackboard Drive?

Click to watch the CSU, Chico Faculty Spotlight on Bb Drive: