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Bb Student is a free standalone app for iPhone, iPad, and Android mobile devices.

For Students

For Instructors

CSU Chico has purchased the "Institutional License" for all campus users, so you do not need to purchase the "personal license" in the Blackboard Mobile Learn app. Usage is free for all Chico State students.

Bb Instructor is coming soon.

Bb Mobile is no longer the preferred mobile app for students.  However, Bb Mobile is required to view organizations.  Bb Student will support viewing organizations in the future.

Bb Grader does exist but TLP does not, at this time, generally recommend this application.

Online Support for Bb Student can be found at

    Using BB Student, students can:

    • Check grades
    • View announcements
    • Access course content and view documents
    • Post and reply to discussions
    • Upload photos to discussions, blogs and journals
    • Comment on blogs and journals
    • Attach documents to discussions and blogs from a connected Dropbox account (note Dropbox is not supported by ITSS)

    It is not recommended to access tests/quizzes through Bb Mobile Learn.

    Using Mobile Learn, instructors can:

    • Send announcements
    • Post and reply in discussion forums
    • Upload photos to discussions, blogs and journals
    • Comment on blogs and journals

    Full feature listing

    Features may vary by device and may be updated without notice

    Mobile Learn is primarily designed for viewing content and not for creating or editing content.

    • Students should not expect to be able to take tests, quizzes or surveys or participate in chat rooms through Blackboard Mobile Learn.
    • Faculty should not expect to be able to upload course content; build tests, quizzes or surveys; grade assignments; or adjust Grade Center options through Blackboard Mobile Learn.
    • Rich web features – particularly Flash videos, chat rooms and other non-HTML content – may not work properly on mobile devices.

    Blackboard Mobile Learn and the Bb Learn mobile access in the Chico State app are maintained by Blackboard. These apps allows access to limited features and tools within Blackboard. This application is frequently updated (like any mobile application) and new functionality will be offered as Blackboard improves this service.

    Help and Frequently Asked Questions

    • Blackboard Mobile help for students
    • FAQ's for Android Devices (pdf) ('s%20for%20Android.pdf)
    • FAQ's for iOS Devices (pdf) ('s%20for%20iOS.pdf)
    • Device Demos

    Help For Faculty