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"To the extent possible, instructional materials, including online course materials must be available to students with disabilities at the same time it is available to any other student enrolled in a course." – the CSU Board of Trustees Policy on Disability Support and Accommodations (Executive Order 926)

About Instructional Material Accessibility

The Accessible Technology Initiative represents a campus commitment to implementing our values of access in the online course materials used by faculty. The syllabus, readings, Bb Learn course activities, and other electronic documents need to be in an accessible format to make your course accessible. TLP can help you make these materials accessible with tutorials, training, and assistance with our lab resources.

Visit the TLP Accessibility Knowledge Base to find answers to your questions about ATI and accessibility of course materials: What is ATI? How does ATI affect faculty? What do faculty need to do?

What TLP Can Help Faculty Do:

  • Use the Course Accessibility Checklist.
  • Make your syllabus accessible.
  • Create accessible instructional materials.
  • Use accessible instructional strategies like Universal Design for Learning.


  • Accessibility Knowledge Base
    • Frequently Asked Questions
    • Tutorials
    • Effective Practices

Learn more about accessibility at CSU Chico

  • Accessibility Resource Center (ARC)
  • Accessible Technology Initiative at CSU Chico

Welcome to the Accessibiltiy Knowledge Base! Here you'll find various resources and answers to frequently asked questions about instructional material accessibility at CSU, Chico. If you're not sure where to start or need some context, Visit TLP's main Accessibility page.

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