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iPad and Tablet Support

IT Support Services provides a basic level of support for iPads and other tablets that includes instructions on connecting to e-mail and other campus systems. Due to the personalized nature of tablet computers, IT Support Services support of iPads and other tablets is necessarily limited. In some cases users may be referred back to the device vendor or ISP, or may incur a charge for support beyond that described below. 
For iPad repair or warranty issues, CSU Chico faculty, staff, or students can visit the iPad repair article here: iPad Repair

Table of Contents

iPad – Campus Set-up Guides

iPads are regulated in their operating system and configuration, therefore IT Support Services provides limited iPad assistance for connecting to campus systems, including:

Other how-to and informational assistance for iPads is provided by Apple (via their web and iPad forums). For more information visit:

Drop-in support for the iPad is provided at the ITSS Service Desk in Meriam Library 142 during our regular business hours.

Android – Campus Set-up Guides

Android devices come with different versions of operating systems and configurations depending on their make and model. Since these devices vary widely, IT Support Services provides very limited general Android instructions including:

For additional assistance, it is recommended you visit one of the Android support forums for your device.

Faculty & Staff – Requesting A Wireless Login Exception

To avoid having to login to campus wireless each time you want to connect, bring your tablet to the ITSS Service Desk located in MLIB 142 (library breezeway). The Service Desk will look up specific settings on your tablet and create a request for permanent WiFi access.This service is offered only to faculty and staff at this time.

Tablet Security and Best Practices

As a mobile device, the iPad and other tablets are particularly susceptible to loss or theft. It is essential that you protect your tablet, the university, and yourself by following the recommended basic security best practices below.

Set a Password

It is essential that you set a password on your tablet to prevent unauthorized access. Just as on your computer, without a password, anyone that powers on your tablet will have access to everything on it including your e-mail, documents, instant messages, calendar, etc. Even if you feel your information isn't important, an attacker could user your account to then compromise the systems and data of others on campus.

Set a password on your iPad by following the procedures below:

  1. Power on the iPad and go to Settings>General>Passcode Lock
  2. Set your password to something not easily associated with you
  3. Set the "Require Passcode" to 5 minutes or less

Set a password on your Android tablet:

      Please visit our Android Enable Passcode Lockscreen article for general instructions.

      Android screens and menu's may vary depending on your device manufacturer and Android Version number.
      Please visit one of the Android support forums for your device for more information.

Surf Safely--use a VPN Connection!

Whenever you are surfing over wireless (on or off campus), the recommended practice is to use a secure VPN connection, which ensures that your information is being sent securely rather than for all the world to see.
iPad users, please see the instructions for installing the Chico State VPN profile, which can be used on any wi-fi network.

At this time, there is no VPN solution for Android or other tablet devices, so be careful about where and what you surf at all times.

Sensitive and/or Confidential Data

Tablet devices make it easy to share information through "Cloud" services like DropBox, Evernote, iCloud, etc. While convenient, while extremely convenient, these services offer no guarantee of privacy. Additionally, and contrary to popular belief, tablet devices can contain data and files.

Be sure to follow these guidelines:
  • Make sure your device has a password and screen lock set to minimize identity theft (see Set A Password, above)
  • Do not store files with sensitive or confidential data on your tablet
  • Use of "cloud" storage solutions like DropBox, Box.Net, SugarSync, etc. should be limited to non-sensitive data and files
Campus business documents that contain sensitive or confidential data **must not** be stored out in the public "cloud".

Back up your iPad to iTunes

Back up your iPad on a regular basis by plugging it into a Mac or Windows computer with iTunes installed and follow the procedures below. A back-up enables you to restore your iPad should something happen to it. ITSS does not support or copy iTunes backups when servicing campus computers. 

For complete information on iTunes support, visit Apple's iTunes Support Forum.

To perform an iTunes backup or restore:
  1. Plug your iPad into your computer (that has iTunes installed) with the iPad USB cable
  2. By default iTunes launches and automatically synchronizes your iPad data, settings, and applications.
    1. The backup can be used to restore to a new iPad if the current one is ever lost, stolen, or broken.

Android users should follow their manufacturers recommendations for backup

Where to get additional help:

Procurement Assistance: Visit the campus  iPad & Tablet Procurement Guidelines
Contact ITSS at xHELP (898-4357), or the Procurement Office at 898-5134
CSUC iPad and Tablet Support Articles: See Chico Wiki iPad and Tablet Articles or contact ITSS at x4357
iPad Information for Faculty
Visit the TLP iPad site
CSU Chico Faculty & Staff  iPad mailing list: Help us share information--join the CSU Chico iPad mailing list
CSU Chico Faculty & Staff iPad Users Group:
See Campus Announcements for monthly meeting times, or contact ITSS for more information.
General How-To's: Visit Apple at
Visit one of the Android support forums


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