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iPad and Tablet Procurement

The campus recognizes that tablet devices, like other mobile devices, can be highly useful in academic and administrative settings. IT Support Services provides a basic level of support for iPads and other tablets that includes instructions on connecting to e-mail and other campus systems. For information on iPad support, please visit our iPad support article.

Standard Tablet Configurations

Brand Model
Apple iPad Wi-Fi (ALL memory configurations)

Non-Standard Tablet Configurations

Brand Model
Apple iPad
Wi-Fi + Cellular (All memory configurations)
Android Based
Blackberry Based

While there are many kinds of tablets available, Wi-Fi iPads are currently the only tablets approved for general campus procurement. Any other iPad models or brand tablets must go through a review process prior to purchase.

Tablet Purchase Considerations

Table of Contents

The right tablet for you depends on many factors. Departments are encouraged to contact ITSS prior to submitting a requisition for procurement of tablet devices if they believe they need to purchase a tablet other than the standard models.

Storage Matters - 16GB, 32GB, 64GB or 128GB... Which one is right for you?

The typical university user will find that a 16 or 32GB Wi-Fi model iPad will meet their needs, which is why these models are considered "standard".  Email, productivity, and document processing does not require as much space as music and video processing, and Wi-Fi is widely available for connectivity purposes both on and off campus.

True average available storage capacity:

  • 16GB = 12.5GB available storage
  • 32GB = 28.3GB available storage
  • 64GB = 56.6GB available storage
  • 128GB = 114GB available storage

Some things to consider when determining tablet capacity are:

  • Storage for photos, music, and video will take up more space 
  • If you are already an iPhone or iPod user, check the available storage and capacity for your current device (Settings, General, About) as a guide
  • If you plan to make movies or music, or other data intense applications, more storage will be important

Should I get Cellular built-in?

Since tablets rely on wireless network connections to connect to the Internet, a Wi-Fi only tablet will work on campus, on  home wireless networks, and at any public Wi-Fi "hotspot" without Cellular. If you travel or work off campus extensively, and must have a consistent reliable internet connection or GPS functionality for your tablet, you will want to consider a Cellular model. An iPad with Cellular will allow for GPS functions without having to pay for a separate data plan. For general details, visit Apple's overview for Wi-Fi or Cellular iPads.

Most campus users will be able to use a Wi-Fi only tablet and be able to function fully.

Payment of Cellular Data Plans

When 4G enabled device is purchased, the user may opt to pay for data (cellular) service with personal funds. There is a term "stipend", where the user gets reimbursed from their department on their paycheck and they also get a by annual allowance of $150.00 for equipment upgrade. Although the campus is reimbursing the user for the device, the user will be responsible for setting up a data plan with the proper vendor, and will be responsible for all data charges. Depending on each individual departmental policy, a user can have the Univeristy (Department) pay for their cellular device. If a department would like to pay for a cellular device and monthly service, please either create a ticket with ITSS or contact  or at 898-5050 for consultation, order, and activation of cellular device. CASV will be responsible to ensure that the requesting department will be charged through the normal administrative billing system. 

Note, if the department pays for a device, all changes, troubleshooting upgrades, deactivations must be done thru Kelli Trnka at ITSS. The user will not be able to contact the wireless carrier and make these changes to the campus account that bills their cellular device on monthly.

Note: Some cell phones also act as wi-fi hotspots--users might be able to "tether" a tablet to a cellphone to access the internet as well (be aware of extra data charges!). Check with the cellular provider about options and costs.

Apple (iOS) App Store Purchases

Users obtain iPad, iPhone, and iPod applications by downloading apps from the Apple App Store.  While there are many excellent free applications, some applications require payment.  Users can opt to purchase applications through their personal iTunes account, or they can request applications through their department Apple Volume Apps facilitator. (contact ITSS for details).

Procurement guidelines for iPad app purchases:

  • Users can download and personally pay for applications through their personal iTunes account. Payment for applications purchased through their iTunes account are the responsibility of the user.  The University will not reimburse individuals for purchase of applications. 
  • For departments wishing to approve and purchase Apple Apps for their faculty and staff, please contact ITSS for instructions on participating in the Apple App Volume purchasing program. Through this program, departments purchase voucher credit via their PEC card in the app store, and can then purchase and distribute apps to individuals.
  • Personally purchased applications for non standard tablets are the responsibility of the user.  The University will not reimburse individuals for purchase of applications.


The purchase of accessories will be up to the discretion of the department. The department may purchase accessories through usual means, but no individual reimbursements will be allowed.

Extended Warranty

Purchase of an extended warranty (AppleCare for iPads) is at the discretion of the department.

iPad and Tablet Procurement Process

16 and 32 GB Wi-Fi only iPads will be automatically approved purchases for campus users.  Any other non-standard model iPad or tablet will be reviewed with the user and/or department prior to procurement to ensure the tablet requested will meet needs of the user and the campus.

General procurement process

The procurement of tablets will follow the same process as for procurement of other non-standard computing equipment:

  1. Department submits requisition for a tablet to Procurement – no identification of end user required (e.g. this iPad is for Joe User).
  2. If requested tablet falls within the standard configuration (see above), Procurement will process the purchase order.
  3. If the requested tablet does NOT fall within the standard/suggested configuration, Procurement will forward the requisition to ITSS for review.  ITSS will follow up with the user and discuss their individual needs to ensure that they get the correct tablet.
  4. ITSS sends e-mail verification and results of consultation to the department via e-mail.
    1. The department acknowledges via a response to the original e-mail.
  5. ITSS notifies Procurement of consultation results.
  6. Department e-mails any changes to Procurement for processing.
  7. Tablet is delivered to shipping & receiving.
  8. Property Management contacts requesting department for tagging and end user completion the “Off Campus Use of State Property” form.
  9. Tablet is released to the department.

Departments are encouraged to contact ITSS prior to submitting requisition for procurement of tablet devices if they believe they need to purchase a tablet other than the recommended standard.

Where to get help

Procurement Assistance: Contact ITSS at xHELP (898-4357), or the Procurement Office at 898-5134
CSUC Support Questions: See Chico Wiki iPad Articles or contact ITSS at x4357
CSU Chico iPad mailing list: Help us share information--join the CSU Chico iPad mailing list
General How-To's: Visit Apple at


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