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Bay File Server


Bay is the official CSU, Chico file server providing secure, backed-up business document storage and sharing for faculty and staff. We believe, with it's newly increased capacity, Bay can change the way users work with files on campus. Bay provides an ideal place to open, save and work with your work-related files directly on Bay. Using VPN software, you can even access your personal or department Bay folder from any other off-campus computer location.


User Folders

Individual user folders are accessible through the main directory of Bay. These folders are organized in alphabetical sub-folders corresponding to the first character of your portal/exchange ID (not the first character of your last name). Bay user folders have a default size limit of 8 GB. New faculty and staff members will automatically have a bay user folder created. Access to user folders is limited to the the individual user, and they cannot be shared with other users.

Department Folders

Department file storage folders are available on the Bay server with a default storage limit of 40 GB. These are located in the departments folder in the main Bay directory. Specific department folders are located in descriptive folders, for example, Telecommunication Services (TSRV) is a sub-folder located within the Information Resources folder. Access to department folders is restricted to the department Bay administrator and allowed users. User access to the folder is controlled on a per-department basis by the department folder contact/owner. Most often this is the department Administrative Support Coordinator or AA/S.

For instructions on managing permissions for your department folder see Bay Department Folder Permission Management.

File Storage Quotas

By default, individual users are allotted 8 GB of space, and departments 40 GB of space.  In the event that this allotment is not large enough, a request for a bay quota increase can be made by submitting a Bay Quota Increase Form to IT Support Services. ITSS must approve the increase before the storage limit is increased, and reserves the right to ensure current content is business related prior to quota increase approval.

Bay Use Best Practices


Bay is designed for you to open, save and work with your original "business documents" or work-related files directly on Bay. By working directly on Bay you will have the latest version of your document available from any location and you will not have the problem of having multiple versions spread between multiple computers, reducing the chance of losing a document.

This will also eliminate the need to e-mail documents to yourself (taking valuable e-mail quota space in both your Inbox and Sent Items folders). E-mail is not secure and back-ups are not available for individual mailboxes or files. Bay offers self-service file recovery (for accidents) and long term file recovery from 30 days of on-campus back-ups (usually recovered within an hour by calling ITSS) and is also backed up to tape which is stored in a secure off-site location for disaster recovery.


Consider making sub-folders for committees, projects and key personnel. Unlike personal folders, these folders can be shared among multiple people for collaboration or so someone can act as back-up. Consider also giving your department Administrative Assistant access to key folders. This way, if someone needs information but cannot get to a computer, they can call the department office to retrieve the information for them. Also, if someone has an unanticipated or prolonged absence, the department can still have free access to important documents for continuity and can re-assign to someone else.

Users of these folders should consider saving all relative e-mail attachments and documents to these folders. This will free up individual e-mail quotas, allow for easier sharing, and can serve as an archive when a project is complete or provide continuity for a standing committee whose membership changes.

Intended Use of Bay

Bay is intended to store business documents. It is not intended as destination for back-ups and is not intended for you to store all of your personal media files (please note that ITSS will not provide support for any personal files). Some file types are blocked from being copied because they can cause issues with the file server due to their large size and frequent updates. Please consider the following guidelines when storing files on Bay.

Recommended file types

This server is meant to store business documents. Examples include:

  • Word documents
  • Excel spreadsheets
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • Text files
  • Business image files (JPEG, GIF, etc.)

Not supported

  • Personal media (movies, music, personal image files)

Prohibited file types

  • Outlook database files ( .ost or .pst )

Connecting to Bay

NEW! (Automatic)- Campus PC's (and Mac's coming soon) that log into the Chico Domain will automatically create a "Business Docs on Bay" folder shortcut on your desktop. Anything you put in this folder will actually reside in your Personal Folder on Bay, not your local hard drive.

If you do not see this shortcut on your desktop, or would like to add a shortcut for a department folder, please see the following article for help and instructions: Adding a Desktop Shortcut To Your Bay Folder


Also, we will have easy instructions for manually connecting to Bay and mapping your own shortcut for both Windows and Macintosh available:


Using Your Personal Bay Folder


How to connect to Bay on a Mac


Files on Bay can be managed offline from a Windows computer and synchronized once a network connection is available.

Bay Offline Files in Windows

Off Campus & Smart Classroom Computers

Connecting to Bay from Off Campus

Self-Service File Restoration

Bay offers the ability to 'roll back' to previous versions of files or folders saved on the file server. This functionality is accessible only from a Windows XP, Vista or 7 machine. Users without access to a PC can call ITSS at x4357 or email to have files restored.

Restoring Deleted or Corrupt Files on Bay

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