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Migration Questions

  When will the migration be taking place?

Answer: The Migration will occur on Friday, March 21st, 2008 from approximately 8am to 10am PDT.

  Will I be able to edit content during the migration?

Answer: You technically can edit content, but we will be migrating data based upon the nightly back-up that runs at 2:30am on Friday morning. Any changes made after that may not be migrated.

  Will there be any major changes?

Answer: In addition to new hardware and software, you'll notice:

  • A slightly different user interface
  • Space Bookmarks
  • Improved User Management for Space Administrators
  • New Group Names
  What will be involved with the *group name changes*?

Answer: Currently we use a naming convention that looks roughly like this: webd-users.

  • After the migration the names of groups will be simplified to webd-users
  I've used the Visibility plugin to restrict the view of content to certain groups, will that be migrated as well or will I need to make that change?

Answer: We hope so. We're currently working on a programatic way to make the group name change migration as seamless as possible.

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