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  • Notes from March 5 2011 Exchange Meeting
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In attendance: Shar, Denise, Jody, Mary, Elisa, Matt, Ian, Troy, Sonja, Nancy, Joel, Teresa, Allison, Robyn

Focus: Marketing and communications for individual programs -- especially how to use re-use existing stories / materials in other formats.

Trying to get a sense of how/where we might be able to use MOJO stories (poster format) and We Heard Your Voice posters to get the AS word out and make the most of the effort that goes into creating them.  Also, discussed various outlets currently available to us:

Basement Computer Screens: Any advertising on the computers should go through Ian and come to him in a png format.  He can work with most sizes.  If the image is busy with a great deal of text, try to remove as much unnecessary clutter as possible.  Michael in the Info Center can do that for you with a little notice.  Ian can only run two images at a time (one in the inside lab and one on the outside screens) and coordinates them based on dates.  It is okay to give him a very general ad that he can alternate in between more immediate ads.

WREC Computer Screens:  same as for the basement computer screens: see Ian.  The WREC has a small 3-computer lab available for its guests.

Website: Allison is happy to create feature boxes for any event and alternate with others on the home page.

Four Winds: At WREC, Teresa will run one ad per program at a given time.  They get stale after a month.  As with computer screens, try to cut out clutter and stick to your basic who, what, where and contact message for the ad.

In the BMU, we have two screens right now and will be adding more.  Send the ad to Allison or Michael and we will post.  At this point we are rotating them based on event date.  Again, a general ad/graphic that we can use for filler is great during slow times. 

At Sutter, they are currently accepting our ads.  The ad should be sent to Kirk Seefeldt. Because the screens are also tied with Housing, we may lose this outlet at some point (or have to pay).

Marquee: Currently, the only folks who can use the marquee for free are union programs, Bookstore and Dining.  Everyone else pays $10 per week per frame.  Denise is going to look into the possibility of adding activity fee programs to the free list.  Let us know.

Digital Picture Frames: Quite a few programs have these frames at their front desk, highlighting great pictures from trips/events, etc.  Programs would like to run only their own shots but several offices said they would be willing to run photos from across the AS; these include HR, Info, GAC (we could ask Dining and the Business Office).  The frames cost between $50-$125; you load the photos onto a thumb drive to load them on the screen.  Info office would be happy to gather photos, choose several good ones from each program and provide them to HR and GAC - Info does not yet own a digital screen.

Joe Wills: Joe is the university public affairs person and loves to Â?push outÂ? positive Chico State stories to the press.  If you have a good story, particularly one that illustrates our mojo, do not hesitate to send it to him.

MOJO Ideas (Ideas that came up in the meeting that Nan could develop into mojo stories):

ACLU and CLIC -  Immigration Forum

Mandala, IMC and MAC funding

SIFE, the AS and Oakmont computer lab

Zero Waste Fashion Show on 4/21 (see Robyn)

411 on Hiring -  Career Center, HR and GAC

Shar requested that we include other campus employers on our HR website (take a look at where and how and let Allison or Michael know)

Shar also mentioned new WIKI site for internal documents.  Business forms and HR docs (the most up-to-date ones) will live on that site so be sure to bookmark it.  If you want a section on there, let IT know. 

We have uploaded the Web Style Guide and Branding Guidelines on the ASDocs wiki.  Program logos will soon be loaed on the WIKI. 

The idea of orientation came up again when Denise offered to have AS student employees attend a session conducted by David and Jon called AS101.  It covers the structure of the AS and is held the first week of August.  Teresa requested that it be filmed so they could show it during their already scheduled WREC training.  Denise and Allison will get together to follow up on this.

We also discussed the idea of flaunting our MOJO during Summer Orientation in a very coordinated way.  Allison would be interested in working on this if anyone wants to; let her know.

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